Jam Sessions Start at 2:00 p.m. and end at 4:00.  They focus on southern old-time music and players of all levels are invited. Bring your own picking chair.    






January 11

Emily & Hugh Rushing

Vestavia Hills


February 15

Darrell & Kristina O’Quinn



March 15

Eve & Gordon Graham

Forest Park


April 19

Ricky & Mary Anne Stone



May 10

Jim & Joyce Cauthen

Bluff Park


June 14

Robin Behn

Forest Park


July 12

Duncan & Marie Blair

below Cahaba Heights


August 9

Judy Taylor

Vestavia Hills


September 13

Rob Angus

North Shelby County


October 18

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens


November 15

Stuart Oates

Oak Hill Cemetery


December 13


Botanical Gardens


 To have your name added to the e-mail list to receive monthly notices of jam sessions with driving directions e-mail Gordon Graham at evegordongraham@bellsouth.net or call him at 205-591-1683.

 Odd Wednesday Jams:  Jerry Anderegg hosts a jam in his home in Southside on first, third, and fifth Wednesdays starting at 7:30 
For more information or for directions call him at 322-2658.


Buddha Belly
No Buddha Belly is planned for 2009. Stayed tuned in case of revival.

Buddha Belly is a gathering of folks from the area who like to get
together to play & sing old time music. We provide plenty of space for
camping, a tractor shed for playing in and a heated shop to play or
sleep in if the weather should get cool, a nice secluded pond to swim
in, and a trail through the woods to the Locust Fork River if one would
care to get off their duff long enough to get some exercise. So bring
your instruments, camping gear, and a head full of tunes. We had a great
time last few years and hope to have an even better time this year.
Figure on a Saturday night potluck meal and you are on your own for food
the rest of the time. We will provide coffee (hi test).
Hope to see (& hear) you this year. Call or e-mail if you have any
questions. Spread the word because I know I have missed some folks. Here
are some directions: Use your Alabama map or atlas to find a location
about 50 miles north of Birmingham where Route 79 splits into 231 & 79.
Drive to this intersection. Drive 2.2 miles northeast on 79 & look for a
crossroad. This will be Hamilton Mtn. Road. Turn right & drive 3.5
miles. Look for a pond on the right. Just past the pond is a white well
house with flowers around it. Turn right on the road between the pond &
the well house. This is Taylor Ford Rd. Drive about 1/4 mile & look for
5 mail boxes on the right & a sign that says Red Maple Rd. Turn right &
stay on the gravel for about 3/8 mile until you see the Buddha.

Cost for the entire weekend - $0.00

If you have any questions call - Edwin Wilson at 256-539-6445

or Jamie Finley at 205-429-3240

Hope to see you there and feel free to invite anyone who you think might
be interested.