Old Time Music and Dance Weekend
Sponsored by the Birmingham Friends of Old-Time Music and Dance
At Camp Riverview in Mentone, Alabama
Third Weekend in August
In 2009: August 14-16 

 To receive a flyer for the  Mentone 2009 weekend, send your mailing address to ptfoster@bellsouth.net

Photos and Videos from Mentone 2008

Mentone Photo Booth from John Combs:


 From Dave Pokorney: 



From Debbie Livingston:


General Description

On the third weekend in August each year Birmingham FOOTMAD puts on its annual Old-Time Music and Dance Weekend at Camp Riverview in the resort town of Mentone, Alabama. Riverview has a beautiful open-sided, wooden-floored dance hall and a waterfront on the Little River, whose chilly waters feel great in August.

For the past 22 years the weekend has featured great old-time bands and musicians such as James Bryan and Norman Blake, Lotus Dickey, Ralph Blizzard and the New Southern Ramblers,  the Freight Hoppers, the Red Hots, Big Hoedown, Red Mountain White Trash, the Monks and many more. The core activity of the weekend is dancing, but also on the schedule are jams (slow and regular), a concert by the featured band, a late-night swing or Cajun dance, Sunday morning gospel singing, a clogging workshop, swimming, and a wacky waterfront drama or pageant.  The Kate and Gus Show, a special program for children ages 5-12, keeps them busy and happy while their parents dance.

Campers stay in cabins or bring their own tents. Some also stay in bed-and-breakfasts and or rent chalets in the area. FOOTMAD furnishes two breakfasts and campers are asked to bring a contribution to the Saturday night potluck and any other food or beverages they need. Everyone at the camp is expected to volunteer for a congenial bit of cooking or cleaning during the weekend, which helps FOOTMAD keep costs low.

The Old-Time Music and Dance Weekend is extremely popular and usually fills up within a week after the flyers go out early in June. Registration is limited to 280 persons on a first-come-first served basis, with gender-balance taken into consideration. Those who would like to attend should request to be placed on the mailing list by writing FOOTMAD, 1452 Milner Crescent, Birmingham, AL 35205 or ptfoster@bellsouth.net.  If you request a flyer, be warned that it may come as a brochure for a bird-watching retreat, a Y2K seminar, a religious tract, a publishers-clearing-house-type drawing or an advertisement for a miracle dance diet. Donít throw it in the recycling bin if it says FOOTMAD on the return address.

FOOTMAD  sends confirmation letters to those whose registrations arrive in time and returns the checks of those that come in too late. No drop-ins for portions of the weekend or unregistered guests are admitted. Once past the hurdle of registration, youíll find the Old-Time Music and Dance weekend an incredibly fun and friendly affair.


Mentone 2007 Photos by David Pokorney:

> http://picasaweb.google.com/wd4jvc/2007LittleRiverCruise

 If anyone would like the higher resolution copy of any of the

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Mentone 2007 Photos by Chris Cantwell:


Mentone 2007 Photos by Donna Spradley:







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